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Death. Nothing else holds such power to make you reevaluate your lifes choices. The drawer was shut, for now, but the visions of multi colored pills dancing, kaleidoscope like patterns on the back of his eyelids. Taunting, beckoning, no, demanding to be unleashed. The cravings were too much to bare. But her scent still lingered in the air,  filling his lungs. Just like her breath that revived him from the brink of death.


She had been there. Sarah, her appearance pierced the veil, letting in a dark deluge of returning reality. Oh God, what had he done. Where had he been. Where had she been? He remembered. He didn’t want to remember.  But how could he forget? He had to forget.


He yanked open the drawer, desperate, but disappointed as well. The disappointment in himself suddenly replaced by a devastating disappointment into his current crisis. The drawer, was completely empty! All the pills, the pretty pretty pills. All gone. He remembered all the random diseases they treated, none of which he suffered from. He didn’t know which cured what, he just knew they were his cure to everything.


He collapsed onto the floor, heart pounding, panicked. “Sarah” he thought out loud “she even cleaned the floor.” “All gone, they are all gone” he sobbed.


But Sarah, she had been there. Through his anger and his fear, he wondered what it could mean, how could she still care, yet, she had been there. Saved his life.


He convulsed, puked, and passed out again. One last thought pierced the gathering darkness. As he lay face down in the warm pool of bile, and whatever he might have remembered to eat, he thought “she even changed my piss soaked pants”.



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