The darkness he dwelt in was peirced painfully by an invading army. An army of billions, trillions, of protons. Light. He groaned. The sun has risen again. He blinked and pulled the blanket over his head. Nostrils filled with the delightful scent of… Suddenly he was shocked into full awareness. Blankets? The fresh smell of wildflowers? Clean? The familiar scent and comforting feel of a warm blanket brought him back to a time long ago. Foreign to him now.


How many times had he woken up in a puddle of his own making, face down on the floor? It dawned on him, the only times he woke up in bed, was on the many days he never got out of bed to begin with. He had also been using a stiff crusty beach towel and a equally rough and nasty throw rug to keep him warm.


A thousand thoughts ricocheted around inside his skull, occasionally 2 contradictory thoughts colored, setting off a chain reaction. Terror, confusion, followed by inevitable conclusion. There were only 3 possibilities, all were situations he experienced before. He must be in the hospital, a mental hospital, or a drug treatment center, once again.


He inhaled deeply, filling his lungs with the comforting scents, caressing his cheeks  wrapped in the serenity the impossibly soft blanket provided. Savoring the moment, bracing himself against the reality waiting just outside his cocoon.


One last breath, and he inched the blankets down slowly. The light resuming its assault on his retinas, burning deep into his brain. Pain exploding crushing those thousands of haphazard thoughts into a single point in the yet undamaged portion of his brain. Condensing a thousand thoughts into a single realization.


He was still at home. For the first time in forever, he was not alone.


Sarah. He almost wished he had been in a padded cell. Anything, including waking up in a coffin 6 feet below the dirt, would have been easier to accept, than ever having to face her again.


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