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Digestive dysfunction, and the resultant expulsion, gave way to whole body shivers, convulsions, and the all too realistic sensation of a million unseen organisms burrowing deep into his skin. Cognitive dysfunction resulted in verbal expulsion, linguistic diarrhea. Muttering an amusing mix of biblical quotes, sexual suggestions, and anguished profanity.


Sub dermal colonization of hallucinatory parasitic infestation, burrowing deeper into sinew and synapse, from marrow to muscle, his entire corporal structure wriggled and writhed. Dark pestilence, the essence of his existence. He attempted to think “this is not real” but his very thoughts, the spark jumping between synaptic receptors in the recesses of his mind, didn’t result in the intended comforts, but rather ignited a maelstrom, a fiery tempest of all consuming agony. His mind, the grey matter that was the source of his personality, and his agony, now being devoured by the tactile hallucinations, nightmarishly chewing through his cerebral cortex.


The last vestiges of who he was receded into his brain stem, bodily functions shutting down. He was lost to the relative relief of the comatose state. The limits of awareness restricted to the beating of his heart, and shallowing breathe.


Dead again, or at least within deaths slippery grasp, in that indistinguishable space between life and death, tears wetted his face, though they were not his own. He was not afraid, no, in fact he was amused. His greatest accomplishment in life was to die twice in the same day. Unfortunately this too he had failed, for it had already been a week.

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