Creativity coach
Profession : Lifelong volunteer
Experience : Writing most of my life
Skills : Creativity, descriptive text, bringing scenes to life.
State/City : Pennsylvania
Country : Usa
Contact : 1-(302)-484-1281
Schedule : 1-3 hours
Available : Usually available, flexible.
Fee : Sliding scale. Free to those in poverty, $5-25 per hour suggested donation
Review : He makes bland writing become juicy. Adding color, flavor, and depth to every scene. He helped my characters come off as more emotional. Expressive. More three dimensional. As a non natural English speaker, he was patient and helped with better word choices. Most of all he taught me there are many ways to say the same thing, I quickly learned to reword my stories to make them far more vivid, and interesting.
Rating :
5.0 rating
Portfolio : Details
Description : I have been a writer all my life, but only started taking it seriously the past few years. My strengths are definitely creativity, vivid descriptive text that brings scenes to life.I can help you improve your writing by making it have more depth and imagination.Need to make your dialogue more natural sounding? I can help with that too. Encouraging aspiring writers is a passion. Many writers abandon their dreams with the dreaded self doubt. I can help you turn doubt into determination. Do you wish to be a writer? Then you are! You just need confidence, practice, and to exercise your creativity.Sliding scale free to fee available.Affordable rates for everyone, even if you can’t afford anything.If inspiration is the aspiration, and creativity left a cavity, come to me.

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