Right besides her,
On that hospital bed,
I saw her gasp in pain,
Struggling to grab her last strings of breath,
She was not gonna survive that.
I stood there helpless,
Watching my love stare her last.
Inside that quarantine cubicle,
Was the fire destined to end my love.
No,not any more,
I wasn’t gonna stand and watch her go alone,
Ours were souls destined to sink together.
Die for love was my only shot.
As my hands trembled,
I ripped off my protective gears,
And there I was,
Inside her quarantine cubicle.
As I write this,
Fighting to make the best out of my last days,
Cry not world!
I go a happy soul,
Because that woman inside that quarantine cubicle,
Is not just any woman,
That woman,is my woman.


  • Pelogia Ambei

    A lady with an intense passion for writing. If by writing I can touch a soul in the end I'm a fulfilled being knowing I have tabled the best I could.

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