In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. And that is what we know, or believe, or maybe we choose to believe something else. That, however, is what happened. The rest from there remains less clear. Next god created the animals and the people. Which came first, and who was made from what, has been a matter of debate. There was a man, there was a woman, they did all the things men and women do. Eventually their natural interactions lead to me, and to you. There ofcourse are the names Adam and Eve we all know. But at a time when it was just you, and me, the concepts of names did not exist. let’s just call them mom and dad. 


    They say God spoke to them, saying something to the effect, I give you all this beauty, just hands off my magic tree. Let’s think about that a moment, the first people to exist, would they be fluent in any language? Obviously not. The truth is, God did communicate, as he does today. What? You don’t hear the voice of god in the raging storm? The raging fires consuming the forests? Gods screaming at us, with earthquakes, fire, flood and drought. He warned mom and dad to stay away from his special tree,by making the way treacherous and terrifying. 


    Mom and dad, or Adam and Eve, if you must use names, did indeed live in a total paradise. A place of incredible wild beauty. Every manner of fruit, grain, legume and mushroom, were abundant within steps. The beasts of the land, sea and air were everywhere, abundance as far as the eye could see. The tree of knowledge, wisdom, and truth. Yes, my friends, there was a literal tree, of which the fruit unlocked the keys to the knowledge of all things we take for granted. 


    Mom and dad, they were not much different from other animals, wild, free, simplistic in their daily desires, hunger, thirst, the biological imperative to procreate. They did, in fact, live in a cave, a very nice cave. Where else were they supposed to live? They knew nothing about building, cooking, cleaning nor toiling in the fields. They only knew that fruit tasted better than dirt, warmth felt better then cold, together felt better then apart. One cold dark night, they discovered each other. Yes, you could say in the biblical way. They knew nothing of the relationship between the good feelings of their couplings, and the oh so bad feelings of the birth giving, so consequently the birthings increased in frequency. The numbers were truly astounding and expanding exponentially. 


    Now the stories we have been told, make it seem like eve, screwed over the entire human race, with an act of evil defiance. And within a very short period of time, were cast out of the garden. The story goes on to Eve’s first birth, outside of eden, and the first act of violence, the murder of brother by brother. But my dear friends, I have discovered the truth. I shall produce my evidence shortly, but first let me set the record straight. 


      Mom and dad had lots of kids, their kids had lots of kids, right there in their cave. In fact, evidence suggests it was around the time of the birth of the first great grandchild that had sent mom off on a quest for that forbidden fruit. Forbidden, this word can mean, ordered not to perform an action, denied access to a place, or made hard or impossible to reach. Without language, what other means would God have to communicate the danger and the risk involved, but to make the journey near impossible? The tree grew atop a towering pile of razor sharp rocks, black as the night. Every crack sharp enough to sever a limb, every crack and crevasse  grew thorny brambles. Every bramble bearing fruit that drew swarms of bees and hornets. These pungent berries are the only plant life to ever make her sick to eat.


    I shall also present to you evidence of a serpent. Having evidence of its presence, yet not being a direct witness to the events, I can only layer on supposition, and present a conglomerate of proof, theory, hypothesis, and a mix of imagination tempered with skepticism.


    Recently uncovered evidence gathered on a humanitarian mission suggests that this woman we now know of as Eve, was most likely driven to take this treacherous journey out of nothing more than a desire to  feed her hungry family. You see, I have found Eve, in the garden of Eden. It is my intention to show insurmountable proof, they never left the garden. We never left. We simply grew smarter and paradise was no longer enough. We built our roads cities and towns, burying paradise, 


    Without preaching, I also intend to present evidence of God’s voice, as well as my hypotheses for what might be interpreted as commandments. To begin, let me set the stage. I began my career as an archeologist, following the great pandemic. There were so few of us around these days, as the climate change crisis became the biggest driver of career choice from that period onward. By 2032 it was becoming clearer this challenge had gotten the best of us. Nearly half of the entire global economy was tied up in never ending disaster recovery, and fighting the many wars of desperation springing up all over the globe. There was nothing more we could do to stop the fires, just let them burn till out of fuel. Many millions of homes are just a drop of fuel for the infernos. It was that summer of ‘32, that brought the great flood they called “of biblical proportions” followed almost immediately by the manmade disaster, the first terrorist attack with a homemade low yield nuclear device. 


    Jericho. As an archeologist, this was a land of many academic fascinations. The oldest city on earth. Yes, there had been many digs, and many discoveries there, dating back to 11,000 bc. All those digs and all those discoveries had one thing in common. They occurred in the city of Jericho. A city I would never see even though I went there. It was gone. Last year, the spring of 2037, the area was deemed safe enough for exploration, with proper precaution of course. I was the only archeologist selected to accompany an international team of scientists that ranged from climate scientists, to nuclear radioactivity experts, and a smaller group of NATO military intelligence personnel. Most took some readings, a few samples, and snapped a few dozen photos, then high tailed it out of there to analyze their data in safety, far away from this miserable dangerous place. But this was Jericho. To be precise, this was the crater where Jericho had been for so many thousands of years. I was here to dig. To discover. To uncover. To my great surprise, and shock, uncovering discovered the covering. 


    Once the delegation of scientists had gone, I was able to call in my two best students to help with labor. First, we surveyed the crater, the heat of the blast left little evidence of the city behind. The bedrock itself became molten. Smooth and cracked like lava flows. The deepest point in the crater had filled with water left over from the floods. Complicated by a supercell pyrocumulonimbus mega storm that raged on in the region for weeks after the blast. The water, it had been draining for a few. Years now. Yes, draining not just evaporating, despite the return of drought. Ground penetrating radar had been used numerous times here I was certain, yet with the limits of the technology nothin was shown below this depth. I didn’t rely on technology, just common sense. If water was draining, it had to be going somewhere.


    Jericho, the archaeologist dream, a city built on a city built on a city, throughout al of history. Below the city of Jericho, lies the city of Eden. The city built by the mother and father of humanity, Eve and her offspring. I found their graves, their homes, and what I believe may prove to be, their language. 


    I had made the biggest discovery of all times, and needed help, so I brought in geneticists, set up a mobile carbon dating and dna sequencing lab, and was shocked to find the thousands of graves contained the remains of one single family.


     Cain, Able, and Seth. These are the names we know from the Bible. Perhaps they indeed had names. I am not here to claim the validity of the names in the text, only to report the findings on the skeletal remains. The Bible mentions brother murdering brother. It would be assumed this would be in adulthood. Our findings however suggest the two firstborn were twins, and only one survived long after birth. Furthermore, not one death appeared to be of violent nature. 


    Eden. We were witnessing a civilization that existed before civilization existed. Since crystals and gemstones and shined metals like silver and gold held no value beyond the glitter, they adorned everything, in raw, uncut, unpolished or purified form. It was magnificent. The streets were inlayed with gems and nuggets of gold that glittered and scattered the light from flashlights and headlamps. The dwellings lacked any form of architecture, no recognizable basic features like walls, windows and doors. They were more akin to free form sculpture. Art with the function of protection from elements.


    As wonderful and magnificent as this now subterranean city proved to be, my next discovery made it ugly, and tragic, perhaps the most consequentially devastating thing to ever happen. The original cover up. Earlier in my presentation, I mentioned the lyrics of a song. Who can remember it? “They paved paradise, and put in a parking lot.” Here I stood, on streets of diamonds and gold, where no car, nor cart would drive nor park.


    Four weeks into our investigations, we had made many discoveries. First, the bodies appeared to be buried in the order of birth, not death. And branched into rows by family ties. A morbid family tree engraved in the land organized by their graves. There was a distinct difference in the third generation, smaller, weaker bones. The signs of hunger and hardship. There was also a distinct difference in the skulls of Able, and two other siblings that passed away before this time. Spared from the hunger, they appeared to be underdeveloped in cranial capacity. To put that in layman’s terms. They had undersized brains. Half the size. Mom and dad showed abnormal skull factors as well. It was not possible, but it appeared the brain had grown, and developed, long after birth. 

    If spontaneous brain expansion wasn’t odd enough, one of my students discovered a huge toppled pile of obsidian. Small broken pieces of petrified thorny vines scattered among the sharp shiny rocks. This is where I found the discovery of the century. A living seed. A seed like no other seed. Not only was it unusually large for a seed, but it was perpetually wet. Oozing Glutamate. Glutamate being the brain chemical responsible for learning, thinking, and memory retention. The seed of the great tree. The tree of knowledge. The tree of the fruit the mother of man risked her life to obtain to feed her starving family. The tree whose fruit changed the course of humanity. It was alive and fertile. It only lacked light to produce its fruit. I fear the consequences of bringing it into the light, both figuratively, and literally. The literal remains untested, as the seed will remain encased in darkness until I can confer with the leading scientist, and religious leaders of the word. In the figurative sense, I can only wonder at the impact of this revelation to the world.


    The serpent. Yes, there was evidence of a very large python found among the rocks. Just a skull and a few yards away half a jawbone. No indication it could talk. Not in a vocal sense. Again, without language, or the understanding of such, voices must be examined in a less literal way. I present to you my final hypotheses and synopsis. 


    The voice of God, the serpent, and our final doom for refusing to hear. In the beginning God said unto thee, hands off my fruit. The language was the lessons of lacerations, thorns, poison berries, and angry insects with venomous stings. The serpent, in the branches, may also have been a warning. One Eve had heard it as a challenge not a warning. God may have said, stay away, but to her, she heard “I made it up here, so can you.”  It’s easy enough to misinterpret the intentions of vocalization, but when God’s true voice is in the symbolism of everyday things, of course mankind will hear him wrong from time to time. She simply misunderstood what he was trying to say. I will present my greatest, most controversial theory. We are participants in God’s final primal screams. 


Sin. Yes sin is a subject science never approached. Never defined, I am not here to present evidence of a devil or satan, as I have none, would fear to speak any, and is not a truth I care to know. However you do not need a degree in anything to see wrongs in the world. Thousands of years of rapes, murders, wars, and the destruction of this wonderful planet God created for us. We keep doing wrong to others, while we all suffer our actions. We slaughtered more species to extinction then there are species we have seen. Here we are today, losing the challenge of climate change, extinction nearly a certainty by 2075-2085. The oceans are nearly dead, but ever rising. We have sinned since the beginning of creation. God is screaming. Open the window and listen to the raging storm, the sounds of war, violence, and crimes in the street. We know it’s wrong, we know it causes death, destruction, a threat to all life. We participate in the scream. It’s that knowing, war is hell, shootings are hell, embracing pandemics are hell, we put ourselves through hell. Listen to it, don’t just watch it  happen, listen to it, hear its message. That is God’s voice telling us it is wrong. Every storm that wipes out a town is a message from God to respect all of creation. Every bomb in every war should teach us to love and stop hate. We never listen. We continue to create hell. 


    The garden of Eden. The mother and father of all humanity never left the garden, the paradise. We are still here. Paved over, corrupted, poisoned. Buried beneath refuse, cratered from bombings and artilary. Scarred with mines and quarries, bled with oilfields and fractured by fracking. Stripped bare of the trees that provide the air to breath. We were not cast out of the garden, we discarded it. Buried it. Lost interest in paradise. Blinded by our own corruption. Deafened to the voice of God screaming louder and louder the less we listen. We set fire to paradise. Burning millions of acres to make room for profitable resource utilization. This is Eden. Or once was. 


    Synopsis. If we only knew, back around the period between 1950 and 2024 that we were living in the literal garden of Eden, and the rising frequency of natural disasters was the direct message from an actual literal God, scientifically verifiable. We may have learned to listen just a moment before it’s too late. 


    Knowledge, the forbidden fruit. We would not be here today without knowledge. We would not have cars, planes, electricity, the ability to create nor destroy, without knowledge. We would be like beasts of the land, unaware, and unburdened. We would neither read, nor write, not talk, or think complex thoughts. We would not excel at science, math or the arts. We would not be superior in any way, nor hold dominion over any land or being. We would be simple animals in a simple paradise that simply provided us life, and nothing more. Given the chance to start over, would you choose to eat the fruit? To know? To be more? Even with the risk and consequences of total annihilation? If I give this seed to the light would you take a bite? 




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