Narcissists are master manipulators. The last narcissist that was on trumps level— and held power—was Nero. Nero brought down the Roman Empire while lighting his garden parties with Christian’s dipped in oil and set ablaze.
Search two things one narcissist relationships, two narcissist supply.
They applaud his worst behavior; which makes his behavior worse.

People who fell for— and were scammed by— The Big Liar; you are not our enemies, you are HIS VICTIMS. As were we all.
Many of us have seen it from the beginning because we know the psychology. We have been trying to tell you. Unfortunately you were the last to listen. This is in the case of all narcissist relationships. Narcissistic relationships are the hardest ones to break, ask any victim.

We are here for you to see you through. We must heal from this together. Democracy is on the line. America is on the line. This man from the day he declared he was running he said he would never except any outcome of any election he did not win. That’s a psychological problem. He cannot ever except he loses. He convinced you no other outcome was possible; if any other outcome was the outcome, YOU were the victim of HIS loss.

This is what they do. I say they as in narcissists. Trump.. Being given anything he ever wanted a millionaire at age 5 given 1 billion to lose because he’s a bad manager, he became an extreme narcissist. He has MANY other psychological problems, no impulse control, talked about trump in the third person, as a separate personality. He in fact has alter egos. Egos’ created to stroke his his ego. Search now John Baron.

John baron is trump, created to build the myth of trump greatness. To build the illusion of wealth from deep debt.

Now look how he monetized the presidency he charged the Secret Service so much money to insist on staying at his hotels. He hosted international delegates at his hotels. He always spent every weekend and the entire winter at his hotels. And worse if all. HE SCAMMED YOU out of hundreds of millions 1/4 billion or more— over a LIE!

Please… We as a nation need to heal, and not bleed and fester. A cancer has grown on democracy. Will we allow it to die as a society? Regardless of party?

Think back. Before trump. We disagreed on plenty, but.. WE WERE NOT ON THE BRINK OF WAR. A war with ourselves, not over ideals, but over an EGO.

An ego with one big flaw. No matter the debt, he must maintain the illusion of wealth. No matter the vote count he must maintain the ILLUSION he won.

We all need therapy after this. Fortunately his niece is a brilliant psychologist. When she says he’s the worlds most dangerous man, you should wake up and listen.


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