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Episode 10

“I now have to let you go Theresa lest both of us end up homeless.” Vanny said moving a step back. It couldn’t be what I thought. Homeless did not scare me at all, but Vanny ?

“I missed that last bit, are you saying you’ve nowhere to go home to?”

“Home? Home is where the heart is beautiful, and mine is in you. Just somewhere to sleep maybe and I will figure that out. Go home now T.” Hearing him call me T felt good, he made it sound sweet. What worried me was leaving him behind knowing he had nowhere to go. I hated that I had no way to help him out of a mess I got him in to. Maybe I could take him home but there was my mother, another version of Vanny’s insane mother.

Vanny held my hand and pulled me towards the road that led home. As much as I tried to resist moving, his pull was beyond my resistance. He still had the strength to walk me home knowing very I was the reason he couldn’t go back to his home. Whatever he said about me being his home made sense, even so, I wasn’t enough to call a home neither could I offer the things he needed in a home. So this was how love felt like? I had never experienced the feel of love, felt crazy what people can do in the name of love. Walking out of a home everyone wished to step in to; losing all the advantages that came with being in that home, all for a looser.

For the first time in my life I had seen someone loose the unthinkable because of me. I have never been a priority to anyone, not even my own father who claimed to love me. I have seen him miss special days of my life just because he had to meet a client. Throughout my childhood gifts would always substitute time, on my birthdays I ended up with a lonely room full of gifts with no one to open them with. Two years after my younger sister Phelly died I got used to being by my self during my special days. Phelly was a quite kid with a golden heart, the only female I had loved so deep. Phelly was one of the few people I would tell my issues as much as I knew she understood none of that, one day I came from school and found Phelly lying on the ground after being removed from our borehole, she was dead. Death took the best and left mama with me, her worst disappointment. That is how I lost my confidant.

Unlike other days, that day Vanny stopped right at our gate, opened his arms and took me for a hug.

“Theresa please be safe for me, I can’t have anything happen to you. You hear me?”

“I should be the one telling you that. Anyway I heard you.”

Vanny drew back and walked away; I stood right there where he left me and watched him fade away. Deep down I wanted to run after him and bring him home, there he would be safe with me but it was impossible. This was going to be another long night, maybe worse than the previous one. As I walked passed my mum into the house I heard her call but ignored, I wasn’t in the slightest of mood for questions. I paced into my room trying hard to fight my tears till I was all alone.

***end of episode***

To be continued…


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