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I for sure know that, I’ve seen you do it as much as much as you think no one does. You always have hidden company most of those afternoons you go strolling by the river side.
“Oh! Hell!  Who’s paying you to follow me? “
“Nobody, but if I were to be completely honest, you pay me, your unhampered beauty pays me more than I’d ever ask for.”
“Heavens should come down and witness the only so of Reverend Rowland flirt with an outcast.” Over the years I had learnt to accept what the society thought I was.
They might have been right, or wrong all together but that was the least of my concerns.
Mimo the fruit vendor must think I’ve cursed a spell on the supposed holy son of the land. That’s what she tells everyone, that I’m impossible to associate with unless one is under a spell.
For a fact I never blame Mimo for whatever it is she says, because of me, her beloved daughter Maline smokes.  I don’t know if she will be able to beat her addiction, or she’ll just end up like me, effortlessly unable to quit my ways.

That was the most I could do to anyone who tried to get close, and here was one of the brightest stars trying to walk into my dark life.
“You’re not as bad as you think Theresa, there’s a beam in you.” I woke up at 9 am to this message.  I couldn’t tell how I’d fallen asleep in the middle of our conversation.
For the first time in two months I’d woken up before 11 am.  Mum was for sure going to talk about it the whole day, ‘the lazy daughter of senior counsel Japheth was up way too early’.  This was definitely going down on her diary.
I have seen my father change lives; Zab for instance is a beneficiary of my dad’s charity. When Zab’s dad died my father took the initiative of billing his entire welfare. Dad has always been one of the very few people I admire in this world.  I hated to think that I’ll never be the great lawyer he is, I always wanted to be like him until one day my education came to a halt. Everyone except dad still thinks it’s my fault, but like I mentioned earlier, my sense of caring parted with my soul decades ago.
I left the house to buy airtime; maybe I’d use that chance to catch a cigarette too.  Soon as I was past the gate, I bumped into Vanny.  I could see his smile as he stretched his hand to greet me.  Vanny is a well-built handsome guy, irresistible so to say but I wasn’t geared with the emotions to feel any of that, that is what I made everyone believe.
Deep down I did feel all that, my heart jumped with the swift move of his jaws when he talked. This man was carefully molded into a destructive tool.

“Up for morning stroll?” He asked looking directly into my eyes.  I felt his eyes tear down my walls; it felt like he was seeing straight into my heart, every corner of it.
“No, out to the shop, ” I wanted it to be as short as possible; I wasn’t going to let him read the waves in my voice.
“Mind my company?” He asked showing his hand towards the shop.
“Doesn’t bother you what people will say when they see you walking me to the shop?” My response was nay as usual.
“Is that a yes?”
…end of episode 2…
The next episode to be continued…


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