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I sat on my bed gambling with my feelings, deep down I did want to go. Finally I said yes to his request. One day with a lot of feelings, only that this time the feelings weren’t scary. Immediately after dinner I went to bed, unusually early. I spent hours lying on my bed, thinking about how the next day would turn out. I was excited and afraid at the same time, excited that I was finally going to spend some time with my long time crush and afraid that maybe I would screw up everything.

As I drifted into my thoughts I fell asleep, one peaceful night. Each day coming along with new changes, I woke up earlier than the previous day. Something was happening to me and I did not know what it was, all of a sudden I had this urge to be at my best.

I rolled out of my bed and took to the bathroom, in 30 minutes I was ready, seated in the living room for breakfast.

“What are you up to?” asked mama.

“Nothing much” I responded trying to avoid her eyes.

“But you are up early, that’s not like you”

“Well am seeing a friend, so I …”

“Wait, you have a friend?” mum interrupted even before I completed my statement.

Usually this pisses me off so I stood and walked towards the door. I wasn’t going to let anything ruin my morning. I went straight to the store and took my bike and cycled to Vanny’s place. Soon as I reached their gate I called hiss mobile phone to let him know I was there, I didn’t wait for so long.

Vanny was there, bright with his breath taking smile; I managed to smile back; it was the least I could do in response to his warm gesture. As I walked towards him he opened his arms to take me in. I felt warm in his embrace, short of breath for the few seconds I was there. I wondered how many had this same privilege, is that how he treats every other woman? I felt a rush of jealous just thinking about it. He wasn’t even mine and here I was feeling like I had owned him my whole life.

He welcomed me in to their living room; it was bigger and better than I had anticipated, better than ours for that matter. On the walls, it had frames of intense portraits. It reminded of my days back in school, art was one of the few reasons school was bearable.

Seeing such pieces touched a part of my soul. He must have realized the keen interest I had on those piece.

“You like them?” he asked.

“I sure do”

“I did them” This caught me by surprise; he didn’t appear to me like an art guy. Finally here was a common line between us, art.

“They are all great and deep” I said.

“You think so?”

…end of episode 4…

…to be continued


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    A lady with an intense passion for writing. If by writing I can touch a soul in the end I'm a fulfilled being knowing I have tabled the best I could.

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