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What I think doesn’t matter, these pieces are perfect”

“I’m fluttered”

“That wasn’t the intention though. I mean every single word I say”

Vanny of all the people should have been the last to mistrust me, I told him everything exactly as it was. It dint feel so right that he thought I was just fluttering him, I wanted him to feel better than that. As he walked out of the room I managed to steal a glance, every moment of looking at him only brought me to further sight of his magic.

I sat down opposite to the wall patched with those portraits so I could have a better view, I wanted to read the unwritten words on those pieces. Art has always spoken to me in a way that nothing else does. It mattered more since this wasn’t just any art, it was art by Vanny. The feel of seeing written pieces by Pablo Picasso (my favorite artist) touches the core of my being but still it couldn’t measure to what I felt seeing pieces by Vanny.

While I was still deep into admiration Vanny walked back into the living room with a bottle of wine and glasses. As I watched him place them on the table, he grinned, one of those rare grins he throws when he is about to say something naughty. I smiled nervously waiting to hear what he says next.

He must have just ignored the thought because he dint say a thing as much as I wished he did. Without asking if I will take the wine he poured two glasses. If whatever he had said a day earlier about being my secret companion was true ,then he for sure had seen me carry bottles of whiskey, that might be the reason he dint need to ask if I will take wine, it was definite.

“I will take a sip from your glass just so you know it’s safe,” he said raising my glass to his mouth. As he sipped I couldn’t help but giggle, who would even want to kill a looser like me. I already was as good as dead.

“What is funny?” he asked.

“You, your words and the look on your face when you say those words” I answered still giggling. He raised his right hand and touched my chin, I did not expect that but I can’t deny the thrills that simple act sent into my entire system. Once again his usual breath taking trick, looked deep into my eyes as if looking for an answer. Whatever answer it was he must have found it, I felt the intensity of his eyes searching into mine. Lost into the moment, I dint even realize he was handing me the glass;

“Here, have a sip”

“Thank you’ I responded blushing. It wasn’t usual for me to show my shyness but here was a guy who made me do all this things without realizing. Could he see the effect he had on me? Was he just trying to take advantage? Wouldn’t take long before I find out, I might have dropped out of school but I was so smart at figuring out stuff. Vanny sat beside me on the couch and took my hand into his, I tried so hard to compose myself, and he shouldn’t know how much power he had over me. Few days ago this guy asked for friendship, I was secretly willing to give him that. Days later, I couldn’t help but wish for more deep inside. Maybe I was just mistaking his motives, all he might have wanted was just friendship. I tried hard to understand the fire in his eyes. Vanny shifted his hand to my shoulder, I resisted knowing where this would end. He felt me move away slightly and drew off his hands.


Before I could respond the doorbell rang, there was his mother. If there’s one person I dreaded it was that woman. Vanny’s mother was the perfectionist kind of woman and I was the exact opposite of what she stood for, morals and values.

“Vanny you dint say we had a visitor.” I turned to see her put her bags on the couch. She had not seen my face before as she got in

“Theresa?” I could hear the surprise in her voice as she walked towards me.

…End of Episode 5…

…to be continued

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