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Episode 6

That woman had eyes that dug deep in a bad way. I wished she dint find me there but the harm was already done. Did Vanny know this was bound to happen? He seemed so composed, not worried of a thing. I had to say something to cut this conversation short

“Yes ma’am, I was just about to leave when you got in.” I responded trying to avoid her eyes.

“It doesn’t seem so.” I might not know how being gentle sounds but this was nothing close to that. She was determined to destroy the composure I was so much trying to build up. Anyway, for the sake of Vanny I was going to keep it low and let her have her way.

“Vanny I am out of here, ma’am it was nice seeing you” I said taking to the door.

“Wait you are leaving already? Mum doesn’t mind you staying a little longer, do you mum?” He looked desperate saying this, literary giving his mum that look of a twelve year old begging for attention.

“Suit yourself!” Vanny’s mum responded as she walked away. That was too rude, normally I would have laughed satirically behind her but this wasn’t the place nor time. I pitied Vanny since I had nothing to pity myself for, I had seen so many of such reactions. Here I was again, doing what I was good at (ruining other people’s lives).

“See that Vanny? It was wrong to invite me over and worse of all to call for this ‘friendship’. I don’t mind anyone treating me like trash but look at you, you’re all torn.”

“You’re right, she’s wrong. You don’t need to feel guilty about a thing. I am so sorry for the way she reacted”

“It’s okay. I will head home now.”

“I understand how much you need to be out of here, let me walk you home”

“Don’t you want to have a word with your mum? I will ride myself home”

“Hey! Hey! Don’t be stubborn.” Vanny said as he grabbed by hand. We walked out of the house and went by the store to pick my bike. I managed stealing glances, I could see his sorrow and that was my only worry. As much as he said it wasn’t my fault I couldn’t help feeling guilty.

Few meters off their home entrance I tripped and fell, I must have concentrated too much on what Vanny was saying to look at the road. Vanny took the bike off me and held my right arm; he took me off the ground.

“Ohh! Theresa, sorry; Does it hurt?” He said taking me into his arms. If it did hurt the pain ended with his gentle embrace. I felt the warm of being in his arms, I felt so tiny as I curled towards him. I wanted time to stop and let that moment last with no one else in the world but us. Odd having such feelings for someone who had asked for nothing but friendship; Did he have this same kind of feelings towards me? Vanny drew me off his chest and placed his hands on my cheeks.

“You are ruining my life in a good way. Theresa I want you to open your eyes to this side of you that lights up. Please don’t shut me out of your life”. His voice was course with passion, I felt the depth of those words and saw the honesty in his eyes. He sure did want me in his life; whether as a friend or more it did not matter.

“You can stay in my messed up life, and take care of yourself Vanny, don’t let me flood your life with darkness”.

…end of episode 6…

To be continued…


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