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Episode 7

I saw Vanny’s eyes shine with tears as I said these words. I was afraid I had hurt him without knowing, I never meant to.

“If darkness is what it takes to be in your life then I would better learn to survive without light. I am not leaving you Theresa” He pulled me to him for a hug before he turned back to head back to his home. I was only a few yards away from home. The day might have been tough but his words made it all worth it. Despite the open rejection by his mother I still walked home happy.

I was so hungry when I got home so I took to the kitchen and made myself some omelet, odd enough I had the heart to do it for myself. Since Azibeta our maid stepped in the house I never did a thing for myself, I had lost the will to live and chores were part of living. It was a Wednesday that felt like a Friday, never knew the difference apart from mama being away on Fridays, turned out to be my favorite day. Mama was around and it still felt fine, I wasn’t going to give her trouble doing my bed nor taking a shower that day, felt like doing all that without a push.

Soon as I was done with my omelet I went to my room, straightened my bed and threw my weight on it. Throwing myself; on the bed was something I wasn’t going to grow out of any time soon. Everyone else hated it but I am not everyone and I had chosen to do all the weird things. Surprisingly here was another day almost coming to an end and I wasn’t down craving for cigarette. I have done a lot of drugs and I want to tell you cigarette is one of the hardest to let go off, it is irresistible once the urge sets in. I can’t say I was determined to stay away from it, it just happened. Just as I was enjoying the moment my phone buzzed, it was Vanny, obviously.

“Just had a bad argument with mama”

“I guess it is about me”

“Kind of; she is so wrong to think I will consider staying away from you”

“You don’t have to choose me over your mother Vanny. Let her have her way, you are still dependent remember”

“Materially, but I got myself for the decision making bit. Got home safe?”

“Yes, at least over here no one questions my decisions.”

“Lucky smoker there, by the way I am so proud of you, haven’t seen you smoke for the two days I have seen you.”

“You left me with no option. I don’t like to be watched doing it”

Vanny was off before we completed the conversation. I decided to call and find out what was happening all in vain, his phone was off. It did worry me a lot. I felt like running to their place but the thought of what might happen held me back.

It turned to be a stressful end day; I did not join the rest of the family for dinner. As usual mama sent Azibeta to find out why I wouldn’t join them. I couldn’t even answer back, lest she walked out of my room complaining about my rudeness.

It was a long night, unlike all the others; this one brought forth a lot of emotions. Over time I had learned to hold back my emotions but here was a night that felt too heavy on me.

…end of episode 7…

To be continued…


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