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Episode 8

It took too long before dawn set in, looked like two days joined to be a single night. The first thing I did after waking up was taking my phone to see if I had any text from Vanny, there was none. How was I to go through another day of not knowing how Vanny, he had become a part of my life that mattered.

I decided to take a stroll to the riverside, it was the only option I had to keep my mind from going nuts. As I crossed the bridge that separates my home from the town, I saw a crowd few steps away. I wasn’t the type who cared why people gathered up but this seemed magnetic. Something (I didn’t know what) seemed to pull my attention towards that crowd. As I took slow steps towards the crowd I heard a voice that sounded familiar, I wouldn’t be certain if I hadn’t gotten near.

“Lord! “ I exclaimed while I moved closer to be sure that was Vanny I saw on the ground at the middle of the ground. It was really him, besides him was his mother with the look of rage on her face. I won’t deny the fact that I had always seen her as some ugly judgmental woman but that moment she looked uglier. Vanny had so much of his father’s genes, not that woman. I wouldn’t help pushing through the crowd till I got to Vanny. He lifted his head to look at me standing beside him just against his mother.

“Theresa!” he called out sounding so weak. I felt tears burning in my eyes seeing him that way. I was searching for answers in his eyes, what was happening? Why did he look that way? I just had no courage to ask him all I wanted to know at that moment.

“Vanny. I am here” Did it matter that I was there? I just felt like saying it anyway, days ago I promised not to push him out of my life but what I forgot was assuring him that I wasn’t leaving his life either, this was the time to prove it. Just as I was moving forward to hold Vanny his mother threw mw aside, I ended up in the arms of some old lady who was there like many others to see what was going on. I had enough of that woman, it was time to show her what I am capable of. I composed myself (of course I wasn’t going to apologize to that old lady, it wasn’t my fault) took to my full strength and grabbed Vanny’s mother in my hands.

“Theresa! Don’t get your hands dirty, it is not worth it. Look at me Theresa”. I was on the verge of hitting her but here came the voice of the man I was unable to resist asking me to let her go. I was shaking with rage, tears rolling down my eyes, unable to decide what to do. Finally I managed to let go of her, to make it easier I pushed her away otherwise with the slightest provocation I wouldn’t help what would happen next. I couldn’t believe I was in the middle of a fight I knew nothing about, if it was about Vanny then it really was worth it.

“Devil! You are stealing my only child away from. Look at what he has become. My son is become a rebel because of you”. I did not want to look at her side as she barked out these words. I did feel like grabbing her back and beating the hell out of her were it not for Vanny.

“What is this about Vanny?” I finally managed to ask.

“I will tell you all about it beautiful, let’s get out of here.” He had called me that, despite the bad air that came with that moment I couldn’t help feeling special. Vanny got off the ground and took my hand. As we walked away I could hear murmurs from the crowd. I wasn’t surprised about some of the things I heard, of course they hated me.

We did not know where we were headed, all we wanted was to keep going.

…end of episode 8…

To be continued…


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