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Episode 9

On and on we walked, until we reached to the end of the bridge. Vanny took a pause forcing me to stop too. He looked into my eyes, like he always did but this time his look had a firm assurance.

“Do you mind sitting beside me over here?” Vanny asked as he took to the side of the road and sat down. Without replying I moved and sat at his side. I knew it was time to hear the whole story.

“Theresa? I am really sorry I dragged you into my mess.”

“Wait Vanny, you didn’t drag me into anything, I came there myself. You don’t need to feel sorry for anything. Do you mind telling me what that was about?” It took him time to respond to that. He seemed deep into thoughts; I wished I could take away that pain that was so clear in his eyes. Nothing had changed; Vanny was still the same attractive guy even through his pain.

“I had a fight with mum, she wouldn’t stop speaking low of you and I had to say something to stop her. She slapped me after I answered her back, so I decided to walk away but she instead followed me. She kept following me and throwing words till she got to me and pulled me to the ground. That’s when people came to see what was going on”. For the second time I felt guilty of what Vanny was going through. The weight of her mother’s words set back in my mind, how she had screamed at me about stealing her son away from her. She might have been right after all, it wasn’t right to take a son, the only son for that matter to resent his mother. What had I done? Vanny was known for being obedient and because of me he was now a rebel.

“I am really sorry Vanny. I shouldn’t have accepted what we have. It has never bothered me seeing someone suffer because of me Vanny until I met you; everything that happens to you really affects me. It hurts me seeing you this way”. I couldn’t help breaking down, it did not matter to me that Vanny saw me as much as I hated being seen breaking down. I wouldn’t dare hide my emotions from Vanny, he was one of the few who did not judge me. Vanny took me into his arms and wiped my tears, he was the most affected then but he decided to put that aside and look out for me.

“You are so beautiful Theresa, even with these tears in your eyes. I love your smile more though so just is in the moment, all that matters is that we are here together now”. Vanny said that looking into my eyes; it did trigger something in me. I wanted him to keep saying those things, to keep looking at me the way he did. He must have read the voices in my head because he kept saying things that melted my heart, kept looking at me in a way that made my blood boil. I loved every bit of it until I slipped out of my senses, a rare moment that I still hold golden to date. I could no longer hear what Vanny was saying, lost in the moment; aching to the gentle move of his hands on my cheeks. Up he held my face and lowered his lips onto mine. The touch of his lips left me aching for me; I had never felt this, not even in my wildest dreams. I did not know how to respond to the touch of his lips but he was there taking me through it all, slowly, steadily till our hearts tangled. I felt my soul taking in his, we were one. Vanny moved his hands downwards, to my neck. It left me breathing heavily that he drew back and held my shoulder.

“I can stop if you are not ready for this Theresa.” Wherever he got that idea from, he was wrong. I wanted him to go on and on but I couldn’t say it to him.

…end of episode 9…

To be continued…

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