My quarantine Valentine


Social distancing is the phrase of the day

6 feet away they say we must stay

But it is not just feet that separates us

but the depth and breadth and the girth of the earth

Separated by space and place and time and race


But you are not far away in a distant land

You are here with me now in the depth of my heart

Dancing within the ventricles

With every beat of my heart

You move from chamber to chamber


You spread through my veins

you are the air that I breathe

You are the flavor I savor

You feed my cells giving me life


You touch me digitally electronically

every word you say translated

Not Swahili to English

Hexadecimal to binary in bits and bytes

Our love grows through ions flung through airwaves


Isolation frustration is the emotion of the nation

Social distancing creating anti social separation

The more we are apart as a people

the greater The division


While others may suffer from a mere 6 feet apart

We thrive and grow on opposite sides of a planet

A billion trillion tons of rock  and dirt between us

And yet there is nothing that separates us


As my sunrises your sunsets

When you wake I drift off to dream

Although we’re only together a few hours a day

You’re always with me in my dreams In my thoughts and in my prayers


My quarantine Valentine nothing can keep us apart

Even if we were on different planets

Separated by light years

You’d still be the biggest part of me


The air that I breathe

The food that I eat

The blood flowing through my veins

My every thought and emotion

is consumed by your presence


We are bound together inseparable

I am in you you are in me

We are one we are one

One heart one soul

inseparable by ten thousand miles of separation


i have never been so close to anyone

then the one who is farther then anyone I know

juxtaposition of position

the farther we were the closer we grew

the time is upon us to close the chasm between us


to touch not electronically

but physically

even if the pandemic killed everyone

our love would survive

much too strong to remain alone




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