Thuwump what was that? Wait, what was that? There it is again? Thuwump terror set in, immediately followed by a howling screeching gasp that echoed. The sound alone was terrifying, but with it came more new experiences that only made the current situation more confusing. Thuwump thuwump Thuwump increasing in frequency even as they faded in volume, at least compared to the gasping and wretched sounds of unmistakable terror. It was close, too close, but then again everything felt too close. Trapped with whatever inconceivable horror might be making those sounds.

Every movement, even the involuntary twitch of stiffened muscles, or the blink of an eye, made my world feel so small, so constricted. That gasping, it was closer then I thought, in my ear, no, between my ears, from deep within me. I felt no connection to the body grasping for life, It felt like a prison I’d spent eternity stuck within. Eternity being measured by nearly a hundred thuwump‘s which seemed to be accelerating towards an inevitability, a painfully tragic end.

Oh ungodly demon screeching, the thuwumping and gasping silenced by the sky erupting in the sounds I could only comprehend as heaven and earth, my entire world being torn apart. Within that roaring bone chilling cataclysmic clamoring, was another tone reassuring and calming.

I did not know the words, I did not know anything except confusion. But I understood nonetheless, on some level “What’s this? She did it again? lets get you out of there friend”. This was followed by blinding light, painful light. Eyes that never saw do not know they are seeing, if they do not know what seeing is. It hurt. I wanted it to stop, but it would not stop. It got worse, layer after layer my world was peeled away, till shadows appeared outside my world. Suddenly confinement was less terrifying then exposure. Then the last layer was peeled away and I truly saw for the first time. But that was all I could do, and I had no reference for what I was seeing.

“How long ya been in there? Hey! Hey! Are you in there?“ This was followed by two hollow reverberated thumps on a skull… A skull? My skull? I’m not sure, I felt nothing, except the emptiness within, and, I, what I have come to know as I was the emptiness within the emptiness within the hollow reverberating skull. “She’s done this before you know, see that one over there? Found another like you, musta been bouts a year and a few, but same as you, was doin my rounds, ya know my walk through, guardin the dead, when I heard her, just like you, gaspin for breath. One I even brought fully back, he works with me now. Perfectly normal chap, well, except for the screaming.” He paused, I heard a scraping that was nerve grating, but also a soft soothing flowing sound. “Who knows how long you mighta been in there, sometimes months, without food or drink, here, easy now, just a few drops at a time. Now I wonder friend, what could you have done to that nasty old bat to earn ya one of her wickedest brews?“ Bats? What are bats? What are brews? Food? Drink? How do I know these words but not their meanings?

“Well, friend, let’s start from the beginning, best place to start if the goals the end. First lesson“. The skull concussions repeated again. “This is you, and yet, it is not you. This has been dead, yet, it is not dead. Second lesson. How much of you is within the you that is not you is determined by the brew she used, and the brew she used is determined by how much you wronged her, or, could even be how much she fears you. If you are in there, and are aware of who you are, and what you did, you are screwed. She is punishing you, and I imagine you know why, and know you deserved it. If you know who you are, but not what you did, you‘re in luck, she just thinks your evil, and she believes no evil one would ever escape the grave. If you know what you did, but not who you are, well that means she wants you to suffer horribly. This is good because it means you were happy, you had people who loved you. But if you don’t know who you are, what you did, or, maybe remember nothing before your heart beat again, well that means she fears you, fears what you know, or knew, or fears your influence in her life.“ He poured a few drops on this bodies lips, and continued “So I am going to say the witches name. Let’s see the reaction when I do. Her name Is“ I didn’t even hear him, I already knew, Helena, a tear welled up in the corner of an unblinking eye, my eye dropped to a glimmer on this bodies left hand. The man saw it too. “Oh by all that’s unholy friend, get used to the zombie life, there is nothing more I can do for you, you’re so screwed, you married her?”


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