Poetic Pandemic

A Viral Anthology


Antisocial Distancing


Was such a simple task

To wear the mask

To saved the lives

Of kids and wives

No matter how many died

Some made it a matter of pride

To cough in your face

And act in disgrace

Foaming at the mouth they scream

Armed with knowledge gained from a meme

You will burn in hell for what you did

When you tried to save my unvaccinated kid

They lie and claim the cure will make you die

Then push livestock medicine that will if you try

Antisocial distancing

Why are we resisting

Ending the spiky curse

That overwhelmed the nurse

Sent her to her grave

One more life we could not save

A hero who lost the fight

Trying to do what was right

As millions did all they could

To put us in a box made of wood

When we are six feet in the ground

No more masks anywhere around

Will you be happy with your choice

Or regret the way you used your voice

Freedom from the mask you may earn

Once your ashes fill your urn


Heroically faceless


Breath escaping never returning

Weary eyes moisten without time to shed a tear

Gasping rasping coughing choking

Bed after bed filled with the dead

Those whose lives you save

Will never know your face

Only the eyes that have seen such horrors

Overwhelmed overwhelmed overwhelmed

Yet you press on

Wave after wave they keep coming

Young and healthy waste away in mere moments

How many lives have you seen shattered

The enemy is in the air everywhere

Shielded eyes barely saved

From death’s last gasp’s splatter

The fear you must feel

When your family wants you near

For all the lives you may have saved

May put your mother in her grave

You are the heroes

They are the zeros 

How they must anger you

Those who call it a hoax

Mock life saving masks

Though you may be the faceless

History will record your fame and their shame


Fear of one’s own survival instinct


There’s nothing  like a pandemic

Revealing our truest nature

Too many ailing for the healers to treat

Millions breathing their final gasps

Some react in fear of the risk of death

Others react in fear of the risk of survival

Cloth cannot hide the anxiety in the eyes

Angels in white working day and night

Delivering salvation into the bloodstream

Millions were saved from premature demise 

Mistrust of the source sent others off course

Belief is the strangest of things

Warping reality with deadly results

Words flow over airwaves prophecies and propaganda

Don’t take the cure or you’ll be dead in a ditch

Airwaves have fallen silent now they too have died

In churches they scream it’s the mark of the beast

The spikey little demon born of the bat

Jumped from pew to pew

It came home with you

Every breath you took

Every word you spoke

The demonic possession spreads


Light from darkness


Every flower that blooms

Grows from death and decay

Even the darkest of nights

Dispelled by first rays of daylight

Truest love is solidified

Fortified by pains from the past

Earth’s darkest days

Initiate a quest for the light



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