My eyes scanned crowds for months and years

Never finding what they were looking for, leaving me in tears

Searching for that unforgettable look,, I traveled for miles

Until that day when you turned your head, caught my glance and smiled

I took a chance and smiled back, you walked towards me

Sweeping your hair away from those eyes so pretty

A blue so deep and crystal clear, I could just get lost

It was then and there, I knew I wanted no matter the cost

The months and years went by, you were more perfect each day

We spent this time together, I loved you more in every way

That fateful day came when I got down on one knee and asked you to marry me

I knew we would spend the rest of our lives together happily

We grew old together, happy and free, walking hand in hand

Knew each other inside and out, we both understand
As I got older and every day looking at my beautiful girl
You are the single reason that I am the happiest man in the world

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