I saw a semicolon tattoo on his wrist.
Curious to know what that meant for him…
His easiest way of explaining was pulling the writing cords in me
“Just the same way you choose to use semicolons in your writing
Is the very way I chose to use it in my life
A semi colon in a sentence means
You could have ended that sentence but you chose not to
A semicolon in my life means
I could have ended my life but I chose not to
It’s here on my wrist just like a watch to remind me every time that I’m alive coz I chose to live and living is what I gotta do.

By Pelogia Ambei.


  • Pelogia Ambei

    A lady with an intense passion for writing. If by writing I can touch a soul in the end I'm a fulfilled being knowing I have tabled the best I could.

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