(I miss what we had before. Somewhere along the way we lost touch, we lost that sparkle that left everyone wishing for our kind of love. I’m getting used to seeing my husband slowly slip out of my life every morning he steps out of that door. I’m certain he’ll come back home to me in the evening,but a part of him sticks back there.)

Tesla: You’re early today honey.

O’Brien: Yes, i finished work early today.

Tesla: Tomorrow is our second anniversary, what do you have in your plans?

O’Brien: Ow, i have an appointment with my business partners tommorow, it might run late, can we make up for it during the weekend??

Tesla: I knew this was bound to happen! Anyway, I’m off to Serah’s place. You enjoy your evening.

O’Brien: What is it at Serah’s place that you seek everyday, do you even go there??

Tesla: Since when did you start caring where I go Mr. O’Brien?

O’Brien: (grabs her hand) Can we talk about this?

Tesla: We should have talked about this long time ago. Let go of my hand, I’m running late.

O’rien: What happened to us my love, all am doing is trying to make our lives comfortable.

Tesla: (laughs sarcastically). Wow! By missing out on our second anniversary? You truly are trying my love.

O’Brien: I have been working on this deal for quite some time and tommorow is the day I it present to my patners, I will make up for it over the weekend, I will even book us an SPA at Ole Sereni you favorite place, Please baby just understand my situation.

Tesla: Work always comes before anything else in this house, should’ve known better. Just remember to pick Pepe from daycare. I’m out of here.
(Takes a step forward to give him a peck.)

O’Brien: I thought it was your turn today, I came home early to change so i can meet Peter, he just came from the states.

Tesla: He’s stuck there then, he’s not even mine after all. You’ve failed as a husband,go ahead and show your son the jerk you really are. (walks away angrily.)

End of scene 1.

To be continued


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    A lady with an intense passion for writing. If by writing I can touch a soul in the end I'm a fulfilled being knowing I have tabled the best I could.

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