(All I wanted was to get home, completely away from that toxic man. I didn’t care if he would come back home, . Any time I tried loving him harder, we ended up more distant. This time I was determined to walk away, I wasn’t gonna let him get home and change my mind like he always did. The house felt colder than ever, that same house that gave me so much happiness few days ago had turned to be my oozing ground)

After an hour of picking Pepe from Lily’s and settling him in his room, the door slangs open, he’s here.

Tesla: (Angrily moves from the living room to the bedroom)

O’Brien: (Gets into the bedroom, changes into pajamas and gets into bed facing the wall in silence)

Tesla: Mind locking the door behind me? I’m leaving.

O’Brien: I think its time i told you something.

Tesla: (Locks hands together and stares at O’Brien angrily)

O’Brien: I dont think I can take it anymore, I think we need a break or we might break completely.

Tesla: Are you done speaking? Now lock the door behind me. (Walks towards the door).
..one thing, at least have the decency not to bring her on that bed O’Brien.

O’Brien: Tesla, I think for the sake of the kid, I think I should leave the house for you, will still work out mortgage.

Tesla:You should have thought about the kid before you cheated. I’m not taking him with me.

O’Brien: where are you planning to go??

Tesla: Least of your concerns. (Walks in Pepe’s room and heads back with him in the bedroom.) Pepe mumy is leaving and dady wants to tell you why. O’Brien go ahead, tell him why I’m leaving.

O’Brien: (Heads towards Pepe), baba go to your room am coming, Tesla, it’s never prudent to drag the kid into our messes.

Tesla: (Holds back Pepe). Stay right here baby. Be man enough and tell your son,he deserves to hear it from you. You’re supposed to be proud of what you’re doing.

O’Brien: (Turns and heads back to the bed)

Tesla: (gets down to look into Pepe’s eyes and pulls him closer.) Baby I’m leaving coz dady has another mumy somewhere.

To be continued…


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    A lady with an intense passion for writing. If by writing I can touch a soul in the end I'm a fulfilled being knowing I have tabled the best I could.

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