A part of Tesla didn’t want to come, just so she could punish O’Brien but here she was.

Tesla: Hello

O’Brien: You came honey. (Moved seductively towards her)

Tesla: Wasn’t I supposed to come?

O’Brien:You looking gorgeous in that dress my love, you must have taken your sweet time

Tesla: Oh! Spare me the show O’Brien. You’ve seen this dress a thousand times.

O’Brien: Anyway that aside, I’d love us to have sweet time, at least for today we can place our differences aside and have a good time together.

Tesla: Don’t make me regret this please.

O’Brien: (Holds her hands and walks towards the receiption) Hello i made a reservation for two under my name O’Brien, mind checking it out for us?

Receptionist: Sure. Please have a seat as we make arrangements for you.

Tesla: O’Brien, thank you for trying to fix us, really.

O’Brien:(Holding tesla’s hand) I miss the days we were madly in love with each other. What really messed that up??

Tesla: (Bites her lower lip). We’re gonna find that out tonight.

Receptionist: Sorry for keeping you waiting, your Sauna is already set up, follow me please.

O’Brien:(grabs tesla’s hand) Shall we my love?

Tesla: Hell yes Mr. Romantic. (Tucks her arm into his)

Receptionist: You can change into the robes on the massage tables, the masseuse will join you in a while.

O’Brien: ( With a sheepish smile as they change) You still have that killer body, I think we should do this more often.

Tesla: (checks to ensure the receptionist is gone) That bitch is a sucker! Did you notice how she was looking at you or is it just me?
Well that’s definitely out of my place to know, will you help me get this dress off?

O’Brien: (laughs) Forget about the receptionist, (steals a kiss from behind on her neck) It is our night baby.

Tesla: sure is. Careful, you’ll end up with hair strands in your mouth. (Turns teasingly and throws her arms around him)

O’Brien: Do you remember the first time we kissed(as he looks at tesla right into her eyes boo with a smile on his face)

Tesla: (Stroking his neck). That’s never getting out of my head. Tonight I want you to touch me like you did before. Bring back that fire,bring the guy I married back.

The Masseuse: ( Rings the door bell) Are you guys ready for the massage??

O’Brien: Could we have a few minutes please?

The Masseuse: Oh, I’m sorry for interrupting. I’ll check back soon.(walks back)

Tesla: Everyone’s being dismissed tonight. (Giggles)

O’Brien: (Pulls Tesla by the waist closer to kiss her) how about we take a shower?

Tesla: You’re just trynna get me naked dude! Ain’t you? Here (pulls off the remaining bits of linen off her body wildly).

(Door bell rings repeatedly, they look at each other with surprise. Tesla wraps up herself in the rob and takes towards the door,soon as she pulls it open…)

Susan: (Gets into the room furiously)You thought I wouldn’t find you O’Brien? So here’s the conference you were going to, right?

O’Brien: (shocked). Su….Tesla I…I…I…

Tesla: Wait, what’s going on here? Who’s this pregnant bitch?

Susan: Hey, hey (moves towards Tesla). Watch how you refer to me, as far as I know you and him are divorced.

Tesla: What? O’Brien, would you want to explain what’s going on here?

O’Brien: Look baby, I..

Susan: (cuts him short)Baby?

Tesla: You know what? I’m done here! (Walks towards the closet,grabs her stuff and shoots out of the room crying).


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