It’s hard being a man in a world where men are not allowed to be human. Women can cry all they want, that’s being emotional but when a man does it is being weak. Why do we have to define the same thing differently basing on the gender? A man beating a woman is violence but when tables turn it is mental health. A woman stealing is poverty but when our Adam does it is robbery. I am not against the girl child, I just wish we could look at our boy the same way we look at our girl, with sympathy, empathy, kindness and tenderness. As we water the delicate blossoms of our girl child, our baby boy is being left to wither. Adam is screaming in pain, calling for help but we have been deafened by the excess sounds of ‘empower women’.
Hello world, I heard faint screams of sinking souls, time to save Adam.


  • Pelogia Ambei

    A lady with an intense passion for writing. If by writing I can touch a soul in the end I'm a fulfilled being knowing I have tabled the best I could.


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